Save time, do more

JET is packed with features that make light work of property marketing

RPS from JET is packed with features that make light work of admin tasks, updating clients and property marketing.


Features at a glance:

  • Dramatically reduces duplication to ensure accuracy of information
  • Instantly create prospect lists by importing properties listed with competitors from property portals
  • Saves time by automatically importing contact details from portal enquiries to the system, avoiding the need for manual data input and the risk of human error
  • Postcode Lookup* feature automatically finds addresses, improving data quality and saving agents time
  • SMS* reminds your clients of upcoming appointments reducing no-shows and saving time
  • Property details and personalised letters can be created in minutes using Microsoft Word templates, mail merging the relevant fields for you
  • Supports compliance whereby comprehensive tenancy area logs gas and safety certificates along with insurance details, meter readings and pre- and post-tenancy checks
  • Property is all about people - with RPS you can understand all activity for each contact at a glance and easily see if the person you are talking to is also registered as a buyer or landlord, or even a vendor as well
  • Sticky note function enables you to make quick notes, warnings and reminders on contact records, e.g. 'Leaves for school pick-up at 3pm' and 'vendor on holiday this week', to help build and protect client relationships
  • See identity of incoming callers on screen negating the need to search for your contacts and provide a a truly personal service, instantly.  Dial out from your PC at the click of a button in RPS (Requires a TAPI capable phone system)
  • Full audit trail of activity stored safely in the journal - every call, property match and even system changes, are logged (and uneditable) thereby creating a full history of activity for management
  • Advanced reporting capability - the powerful reporting suite enables you to instantly generate property, applicant, diary, marketing and management reports to your own specification
  • Track and report on 3rd party referrals
  • Backup system protects your data.


* Add on (charges apply). Ask for details

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