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  • Which system is right for me - RPS, from JET or from Reapit?

    RPS by Reapit is designed for larger, multi-office agents who need the higher service and customisation provided by Reapit. RPS from JET is built with smaller agencies in mind, giving them all the core functions they need without the unnecessary extras more suitable for larger agencies.

  • Can I buy JET anywhere else?

    No, JET is Reapit's only licensed reseller, working with smaller agencies. Reapit continues to work with the larger agencies.

  • What’s the difference between JET and RPS?

    RPS from JET incorporates only those core features useful to the smaller-sized business and this is reflected in its price and speed of set-up.

    In addition, RPS from JET is sold, set up and supported online, which makes it quicker to adopt and more affordable for smaller businesses.

  • What support will I get with JET?

    RPS from JET is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Full online learning is provided to get you up to speed in no time, and our team is available online to help you get started. JET also provides a full online support system to assist with any queries.

  • Why should I choose RPS from JET, rather than a competitor system?

    We believe firmly RPS is superior to any comparable product in the marketplace because:

    • RPS by Reapit is relied on by 47% of the UK's top 50 estate agents. No other provider even comes close!
    • It has been developed and refined over 20 years to meet real-world needs.
    • It was created by estate agents for estate agents to unlock business potential.
    • It is backed by Reapit, a successful, well-established company with a reputation, built over 20 years, for excellent products, service and support.
  • I am a large, multi-office agency. Can I opt for the JET offering?

    We do not recommend this as RPS from JET has been created specially to meet the needs of new and smaller agencies that do not need the full features of RPS, expect little customisation and require a speedy deployment. To highlight the differences:

    • RPS from JET does not include all the features of RPS from Reapit, which our experience shows are required by larger estate agency firms
    • Unlike RPS from Reapit, RPS from JET has very limited customisation available which larger agencies value no end, but is not required by smaller Agencies
    • The solution from JET is a web-based onboarding service. You will not enjoy the level of personal service, which comes as standard with RPS from Reapit and is necessary for larger, more complex implementations.
  • Alright, I’m convinced! How do I buy from JET?

    One of the main benefits of coming through JET is how quickly you can be up and running.


    The process could not be easier! Just click on Buy Now, complete the simple paperwork we'll send you and your software will be winging its way to you.

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