Rely on JET to turbocharge your estate agency business.

JET, powered by Reapit, brings you a version of RPS software which is tailored to entrepreneurial agencies who still demand the best. Here are just some of the ways RPS from JET can help your team work smarter:

  • Advanced reporting capability – The powerful reporting suite enables you to instantly generate property, applicant, diary, marketing and management reports to your own specification.
  • From Data Accuracy reports that show how thoroughly information is being captured, to Withdrawal reports that, using a clever algorithm, predict likely withdrawals in time to act, the reporting suite is extensive. If data is held in the system, it can be reported on – in the way that’s most meaningful to you.
  • Intuitive and easy to use – We understand that a sales negotiator will have different priorities to a property manager. With RPS from JET the information displayed on screen can be customised by user so the most relevant details are displayed, making day to day tasks quick and easy.
  • Saves time by automatically importing contact details from portal enquiries to the system, avoiding the need for manual data input and the risk of human error.
  • Instantly create prospect lists by importing properties listed with competitors from property portals.
  • Send and track referrals to third parties such as solicitors and financial advisers, enabling you to generate more revenue and measure return on investment.

Saints Estate Consultancy

“As a small business and a start-up I’d most definately recommend RPS. I think it’s a phenomenal bit of software and used correctly it can really help your business grow very quickly.”