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RPS from Reapit has won many industry awards. JET provides a best practice version of RPS to suit entrepreneurial agencies.

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Intelligent prospecting tools

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Intelligent prospecting starts by tracking every property that comes onto the market - something that we make very easy. Our Rightmove Importer was our most popular feature of 2017 and rightly so. It imports competitor listings from Rightmove so you can then target them as potential instructions. You can then effortlessly build a strong prospecting database that delivers a healthy stream of instructions over time with our other prospecting tools.

The Power Organiser can be used for other forms of intelligent prospecting. It is highly customisable, but comes with a best-practice range of reports, lists and feeds to help your agency get organised. With RPS from JET, agents can enjoy valuable insights from a multitude of Power Reports. Regular reports can be run to enable intelligent prospecting using call lists for withdrawn properties, lost MAs and new applicants. The following six, high-impact, low-complexity target lists are examples of the sort of things intelligent prospecting programmes contain. 

"One function of RPS that I really like is the Rightmove Importer. The first thing we did when we got RPS was to get a handle on our marketplace and we were able to secure a number of different instructions using the Rightmove Importer."

Saints Estate Consultancy

"The Rightmove Importer has been invaluable to us. We use it religiously and we’re updating our database weekly with all of the new instructions that come to the market. We’ve definitely seen an uplift in valuations and instructions since we’ve been using it."

Marlowe Estates

"My favourite feature is the ability to import properties directly from Rightmove which is by far the most useful feature. When canvassing houses, we already have the property details to hand so we’re informed when dealing with vendors."

Kingsleigh Residential

"Another piece of functionality that I like in RPS is the Rightmove Importer. If you've got Rightmove page open, you click transfer and it brings all of the data in, [including] all of the pictures - a great way to build a board book and help you go after other agents' stock"

Rosindale Pavitt

Download a free PDF of the the six intelligent target lists to print out and try next time.

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More help and tips

Potential sellers

Your applicant database is a rich source of potential instructions. Make sure you are establishing who has a property to sell in your area and what their status is.

Lost appraisals

For properties where you missed out first time around, track when they are listed on Rightmove and ensure a contact programme is enacted around the expiry time of your competitor’s sole agency period.

Potential landlords

Your applicant database is also a potential good source of landlord leads. Make sure applicants who tell you their reason for buying is Buy-to-Let-Investment are followed up with. They may have more a larger portfolio.


Recommendation and referral is still one of the most reliable ways to generate instructions. Make sure you are asking happy clients who else they know who may be moving.

Market appraisals

Over a third of instructions do not actually list until over a month after the original market appraisal was conducted. Make sure you have a
process for keeping in touch with those who do not come to a decision quickly.


When either your listings or your competitor's are withdrawn from the market, make sure you capture the date and plan follow-up activity to establish if their circumstances change.

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Works with any property on Rightmove or Lonres

Organise your canvassing

Once competitor listings have been imported, you can conduct campaigns to target them using letter templates that will automatically populate with data from the imported listing. You can also use other communication templates including email and SMS if you have contact data.

 This activity can then be tracked in our reporting suite and the Power Organiser - our dashboard to help you keep your team focused on the tasks that are important to them.

This flexible dashboard can be customised to your own canvassing process and will dynamically update with the most recent information.

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