An intuitive dashboard that helps you organise your agency and unlock the hidden value in your database.

A News Feed showing real-time updates on every property?

Each element of the Power Organiser can be customised to provide your different teams with their own layout highly tailored to the reports, lists and activity that are most relevant to them. What's more, customisations can be easily shared within a team or the whole company.

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Quick access to the information I need for every important aspect of my job?

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One-click calls, texts and emails directly from the contact list?

A dedicated panel for Property Managers to track every important aspect of their portfolio?

A handy view of my appointments with clickable links to the property and contact records?

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What is JET Software?

RPS from Reapit has won many industry awards. JET provides a best practice version of RPS to suit smaller agencies.

Best Practice

You can be up and running in hours - from setup to onboarding through to support and training.

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From just £200 per month, the UK’s leading estate agency software could be all yours.*

From just £200*

*Includes up to four users. Setup fee also applies.

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