Saints Estate Consultancy

Having successfully used RPS in another Estate Agency, it was the natural choice when I started up my own business. Unfortunately, because the project process was so hands-on it came with a correspondingly high price point, which I couldn’t justify at my new Agency. So it was with much regret that I looked elsewhere.

It was then I became a ‘software nomad’, bouncing around various estate agency software solutions, but none of them really fitted the bill. Occasionally I would check in with Reapit to see if there was anything they could do but they explained honestly that they didn’t have a solution to fit my needs.

It was more in hope than expectation that on setting up my Agency, Saints, I gave Reapit one last call. Imagine my delight when they said they may now be able to help. Responding to popular demand from agencies such as mine, Reapit had been working with reseller JET to provide a solution tailored specifically to SME agencies. JET can offer RPS in a cost effective manner which can be rapidly deployed.

The whole process was so streamlined I was able to sign up and configure RPS to my agency needs in just one day. It had taken months with some of the other systems I’d had to use. The only thing remaining was for me to customise our letter templates.

Since Saints began using RPS our productivity has increased no end. We pride ourselves on our service and with the help of the JET team it is now second to none and we continue to increase our market share as a result. What I love about RPS is that, unlike other systems that are really just admin based, RPS clearly has had a wealth of agency knowledge built in and so it focuses on helping me actually win business.

Being relatively new to the geographical area, gaining a foothold, never mind increasing your share of the market, can appear an impossible task. Using JET’s methodical practices I feel I have a truly powerful system that more than levels the playing field with other agents, whether they are corporate or independent.

I honestly feel it is only a matter of time before we are the leading agent in the area – our progress is that astonishing – and that’s within one month of the JET system being operational.

RPS is THE software that really gives a good agent the ability to take their business to the next level.

Sukh Sra, Director