Rosindale Pavitt

Rosindale Pavitt is a family-run estate agency business based in Wallington. The company is run by Chris Rosindale and David Pavitt who each have over 25 years experience of working in the estate agency sector. In previous roles they had used a broad range of software packages including Dezrez, Encore, Matchmaker and Estatecraft but when it came to opening their own business they wanted to use RPS.

Chris Rosindale commented: “From the start when we were setting up our business we knew it was really really important to invest properly in software. RPS had been recommended to me by a number of people – estate agents who are very very successful – and I know that it is very very user-friendly which was one of the most important things to us when we set up our business.

“At the demonstration for JET I was really impressed with a couple of key features. One of them was the Universal Search button – so you can type in a number, an email, a name, and it brings up every single bit of contact that you’ve come into with that person. Which is really valuable to us because when the phone rings we automatically know who is calling us which is really important to us.”

As a new start-up, one of the big challenges faced by Rosindale Pavitt was building stock levels quickly. RPS helped them solve this problem as it is designed to help agents win new instructions as well as effectively manage existing relationships. Chris continued:  “Another piece of functionality that I really like in RPS is the Rightmove Importer. So if you’ve got Rightmove page open, you click transfer and it brings all of the data in, all of the pictures – a great way to build a board book and help you go after other agents’ stock”.

JET Software deployed RPS into Rosindale Pavitt within a few hours. This was done remotely but well supported by our customer service team. Chris continued: “The experience of going live with RPS was a postive one – it was really easy. It was all done remotely so we didn’t have to have anyone coming down or building computer systems for us it was really easy. We had it done within a day and we were fully functional hitting other agent’s boards and trying to win some stock.

“When we went live with RPS obviously there is a lot of templates in there – your market appraisal letters, your offer letters – now when you’re setting up any new agency it is really really difficult to actually build all of that yourself. We were really lucky that RPS and the team actually built all of those templates for us so that we could just hit the ground running. We didn’t have to worry about putting any of them together.

“I would absolutely recommend RPS and JET to anybody who is looking to set up a new estate agency within the UK. It’s very easy, user-friendly, easy to train people on and it’s really helped us with making new revenues and new income streams through some of the functionality that we’ve got. I can absolutely say that without using JET to start with we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Rosindale Pavitt