Marlowe Estates

When the team at Marlowe Estates decided to switch software from Gnomen, they identified several challenges that they needed their new solution to overcome: transparency of data throughout the team, paperless offices, increased referrals across departments, better management reporting and maximising business opportunities.

Jeff Quantrell, a director at Marlowe Estates, discovered JET Software after enquiring with Reapit about their proposition for small businesses; Jeff had previously used RPS at another agency and described it as being ‘hands-down his favourite software platform in the industry’. Jeff talks about their experience of switching to JET and how their business is benefitting from the move:

“One of my major concerns before choosing JET was that it wouldn’t have the full capabilities of RPS and that it had been stripped back. We were delighted to find that wasn’t the case and it certainly has the full capabilities that we need for a business of our size. It was a bit like getting back in a comfy old chair, but certainly one of the pleasing things is that my team have picked it up immediately – it’s very easy to use, it really benefits the people at the coalface so the functionalities for them are easy to pick up and we’ve been delighted with the integration.”

“We were up and running within 24 hours and were really pleased with the service. The process was seamless. There is this myth out there that this type of change can be really problematic and cause a lot of upheaval but we certainly didn’t find that to be the case and were genuinely delighted with the process.”

“The list of key problems that RPS has helped us to overcome goes on, but certainly the day-to-day general fluency of the office has improved dramatically. Our ability to now be able to report on performance is now where I would’ve wanted it to be and most importantly we have generated more income from having a software package that we’re all very happy with.”

“As part of the setup there are window cards, brochures all made available – all branded – which has been a real benefit. We haven’t had to outsource or go and do anything ourselves as we’re really happy with the standard and the quality of them.”

“Over the years I have used many software providers, to name a few some of the Vebra options, Jupix, Dezrez and, without question, JET / RPS stand head and shoulders above the competitors and I can’t hesitate to recommend them highly enough.”