Gilbertson Cope

I just can’t express how easy RPS from JET is to get up and running, simple everyday tasks such as listing properties and generating templates is just seamless. I honestly thought I would never be able to get some of my team away from paper diaries, but with RPS they are now fully digital and paperless!

We used to use Dezrez and I just couldn’t get the staff to ever use more than 20% of the functionality as they found it complicated, but the moment we changed to RPS everything became easier and we now use nearly all of it! The reporting of pipelines and other areas of the business has really moved us on to the next level and has been great in ensuring we always know where we are.

The templates JET provided were great and required very little tweaking and the online learning is very user friendly and structured which meant we were up and running and ready to use the system within hours.

RPS from JET gives a small independent agency the benefits you would get from a corporate, whilst making it possible to still offer that personal service to your clients.

Andrew Gilbertson, Director

Gilbertson Cope