“It had always been on our wish list to tie this into our Residential Agency system but no one had been able to meet this requirement – that was until we implemented Reapit, who had a ‘Plug and Play’ TAPI interface into their software. Not only did this mean that we never had to dial another number, simply needing to click on the phone number within RPS to dial out to numbers. It also had another important time saving feature, which was that calls are flagged within the system so we can see who’s on line and look at their contact record as soon as we answer the phone. This has enabled our staff to maintain the highest levels of professionalism when dealing with our clients queries, saving the need for all the normal questions like “what’s your address and phone number?” whilst waiting for the computer to find their record.

The phone interface has also worked exceptionally well as a de-duplication check against applicants on the database. Previously an applicant may not have already realised they had already registered with one of the other branches and so we could have ended up with multiple records. There are of course cost saving implications from a mailing point of view but the main advantage was the way we looked far more professional and were not sending repeat post for the same requirements. It was even possible to have this search automatically against our archived applicant database and I can’t begin to tell you how impressed some of our clients were that we remember them from 5 years ago!

Dominic Subbiani, Director