“We knew that Reapit was strong in the matching, marketing and dealing with leads side of things from the point of a negotiator, however we began using the property management side for renewals and works orders with mail merge functions and have found that it works really well for that. We now use the property management diary on a daily basis and it really helps us pull our day together each morning. This has made a massive difference in the way in which works orders are being dealt with and from a customer service perspective we are making sure the jobs are being closed down on time, which we weren’t able to do before. We have definitely boosted our efficiencies since using Reapit, the reporting functions enable us to track what is and isn’t working for us and we can also keep a better track on our outstanding works orders, which can be in excess of 500 at any one time, more effectively.

We have been quite demanding as a client but crucially we do feel we have been worked with to ensure the software meets our business critical needs Rather than a lot of other packages where you have to fit into the software, with Reapit it’s so flexible you can fit it around your business needs and the whole service was geared around making it work for us. The simplicity and ease of use of the system is really good from our perspective, I’ve used quite a few different software packages and Reapit is certainly the most straightforward to use”

Natalie Kensit, Former Lettings Manager