“I’ve used different softwares including Rezi, Expert Agent and Real Cube. What pulled me to RPS is that it has real substance to the way it works and to the workflow that’s there. It is a very powerful thing that will bring back results for you” – Saints

Leader Fox

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“The reporting feature in RPS is something that I really love and has enabled me to become a better manager. “

Tailor Made Estate Agents

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Tailor Made

“If you’re looking for a really good software provider that just does the core items really well, then you really should be looking at JET and RPS.”

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Saints Estate Consultancy

“Within just two days of prospecting with RPS, Saints secured two new instructions!”

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Marlowe Estates

“JET / RPS stand head and shoulders above the competitors.”

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Rosindale Pavitt

“The experience of going live with JET was a positive one – it was really easy.”

Kingsleigh Residential

“The training and on-going support…has been invaluable.”

Jonathon Arron Residential

“What sets JET apart for us is the outstanding support we have received.”

Kingsley Hamilton Estates

“Buying and installing JET has been a straightforward process.”

Capital Homes International

“The process of buying and installing the system was very straight forward.”

Oakhill Residential

“Oakhill is delighted with their transition from Vebra Alto to RPS from JET.”

Gilbertson Cope

“Gilbertson Cope are now fully digital and paperless with RPS from JET.”

Paul Simon

“Paul Simon Residential Sales is now more organised than ever with RPS from JET.”


“FBM were sold on the RPS phone interface.”

Cowell Norford

“Cowell Norford say the reporting in RPS is light years ahead of the competition!”

Milestone & Collis

“Milestone & Collis appreciate that Reapit know how agents need to work.”

JET is the only licensed reseller working with entrepreneurial agencies. Find out if JET is suitable for you and your organisation.